• The price of the dollar is updated daily and gold alloy per week
  • Dollar exchange rate today 120.600 Dinar
  • Dollar selling price today 121.300 Dinar
  • Dollar buying price today 119.900 Dinar
  • The price of gold bullion 5 grams for this week 258,000 Dinar
  • The price of gold bullion 10 grams for this week 492,000 Dinar
  • The price of gold bullion 15 grams for this week 733,000 Dinar
  • The price of gold bullion 20 grams for this week 982,000 Dinar
  • The price of gold bullion 25 grams for this week 1,231,000 Dinar

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The International Islamic Bank is characterized by the fast performance of transactions of the bank to all customers

Our Services


The International Islamic Bank is issuing MasterCard cards to all customers

Savings Account

Opening accounts savings (Islamic savings) in Iraqi dinar and dollar (individuals – companies)

Checking Accounts

Opening checking accounts in Iraqi dinar and dollar (individuals, companies, organizations, government departments)

Local & International Money Transfer

Issuing and receiving internal transfers in IQD and USD through the RTGS payment system. Issuing and receiving foreign transfers in IQD and USD via SWIFT system.

Islamic financing mechanisms

Providing Islamic financing mechanisms according to Islamic formulas, including:
(Murabaha – Speculation – Shares – Leasing – The farmer – Istisna – Contracts ladder)

Western Union

The International Islamic Bank transfers money between individuals using the Western Union service

Your trading partner in various trades and business transactions
International Islamic Bank


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Mrjan Branch
  • Iraq - Baghdad- Al Nahr Street -Baghdad Chamber of Commerce Building-Ground Floor

  • 07704626286

Sinaa Branch
  • Iraq - Baghdad - Sinaa Street - in front of the University of Technology

  • 07704439785 - 07719952370

Basrah Branch
Najaf Branch
  • Iraq -Najaf- Al-Ghadeer neighborhood, opposite Tangerah Restaurant

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